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Realize new levels of program performance with CPS expertise.

340B Covered Entities must be staffed by experts who are exceptionally resourced and possess deep knowledge and skill in navigating 340B program intricacies.  Having been involved with the 340B program for decades, CPS is your strategic partner in achieving 340B success - bringing the ideal optimization approach for maximizing your returns in any setting.

Through CPS 340B Program Optimization, our experts review key areas of your covered entity's program to reveal areas where additional savings may be captured.  Through this process, we empower you to make the most of your 340B savings opportunities.

 CPS 340B Program Optimization supports you.

  • Enhance the status of your 340B program and maximize returns for your covered entity
  • Access to the knowledge, expertise, and resources of an organization that has worked with 340B Drug Pricing Program since its inception in 1992
  • Ensure that no stone goes unturned by scrutinizing your program while making sure that it operates at its full potential

Scrutinize opportunities, unnecessary spending, biosimilar opportunities


Identify eligible prescriptions from referral visits


Assist with 340b program expansion

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